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SoCal Pilots

Southern California Pilots Association Mission  

  • To provide a collective voice for General Aviation at our So CA Airports.
  • Develop a positive working relationship with the airport administration.
  • Foster camaraderie amongst So CA Pilots with aviation related events.
  • Enhance safety and education in the So CA Pilot community.
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Welcome to the SoCal Pilots Association Website!
The SoCal Pilots is a recognized voice of general aviation in Southern CA. SoCal Pilots is an educational and Social organization. We provide an opportunity for our members to fly to unique destinations and spend quality time with like minded pilots & airplane enthusiasts. Please review some of our Prior SoCal Pilots Events to see some of the exciting places we have visited or events we have hosted.

We hope to see you at one of our many upcoming SoCal Pilots meetings or fly-in events soon. Review the  New Member Info and then Join as a Member. The dues are $ 25.00/member which help support the following many features available to SoCal Pilots Members.
Laugh and Learn with Rod Machado  
8/21/2018 (18:00 - 21:00)
Laugh and Learn with Rod Machado

Location: Aviation Facilities, Inc
4119 W Commonwealth Ave, Fullerton, CA

Seeking partners for 2019 Cirrus S 50 jet.
by Ray Stratton on 7/9/2018
These are trustworthy friends of mine who posted this on Facebook.

Contact info is 310-261-4730 or
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Looking for someone to split 50/50 a Cessna 182 or ...
by Grant Gerhart on 5/3/2016
Looking for someone to split 50/50 a Cessna 182 or similar airplane. Either someone who currently has a plane, or someone who would like to purchase a plane with me. I'm looki ...
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Stephen Blythe
Joe Finnell
Grant Gerhart

GPS Testing Notices
by Michael Jesch on 11/21/2017
GPS Testing

Does it seem to you lately that we're getting a ton of notices about GPS unreliability or inaccuracy lately? Yeah, me too. With the latest one issu ...
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by Michael Jesch on 1/4/2015
New FAPA newsletter available!
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Bob Cashman
Joe Finnell
Jeffrey Swedo

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John Mayhew
Frank Reinmiller

Overflight Exemption terms
by Stephen Blythe on 7/6/2018
I am forwarding this communication from CBP regarding OverFlights: Stephen Blythe

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406 ELT Required in Mexico
by Stephen Blythe on 6/21/2018
A Message from Jack at BBP regarding Mexico and 406ELTs

BBP Alert: 406 issue comes to a head
In the second advisory within 24 hours, the BBP has been informed that a 406 ELT will ...
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My Panel
by Stephen Blythe on 7/4/2013
Click on link for photo of My panel
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Stephen Blythe
Joe Finnell
Mike Jesch
Gary Schank


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